The company search for hidden or not so promoted pearls in the birdhunting sporting adventures offer in each region or country. 

Our choice of supplier are based on:

  • experience and trajectory in the field,

  • customer comments,

  • personalized service,

  • detail in the assembly of specific orders,

  • excellent price-quality ratio, and

  • compromise giving back to the community.

All this while keeping the focus on the basic promise of service:  hunting, fishing, relaxation and fun.

About birdhunting & fishing:

After checking lots of companies, we are proud to offer what we found what we consider the best alternative in Argentina, and maybe one of the best of the world: Pampa Hight Adventures. 


Pampa Adventures, with more than 20 years in the market, give the best birdhunting and fishing program in Argentina, attended in all details by their owners, who maintain the spirit of providing the best and plentiful hunting.

A company where best outdoor adventures and customized programs is the name of the game. 


In addition, it maintains its uninterrupted commitment to helping the community since its inception.

By every client that contracts a trip with Pampa Hight Adventures, it will donate a wheelchair to CILSA.

By 2020 more than 15,000 chairs have been delivered.

What is CILSA?

CILSA (Inclusion Center and Solidary of Argentina) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) with a welfare purpose, established on 14 May of 1966, in Santa Fe, Argentina. The main purpose of CILSA is to promote full inclusion of people from marginalized sectors of society, such as socially vulnerable children, adolescents and handicapped persons. This important NGO has institutional presence in the most important cities of Argentina.


Thanks to ongoing collaboration of its Partners, CILSA carries out the following Social Programs:

- National Program of Distribution Orthopedic Devices

- National Awareness Program

- National Recreation and Sports Program

- National Scholarship and Opportunities Program

- National Program “A child, a future”

- Volunteer Area.